Black Salt

Black Salt

 BLACK SALT:-Though there are different types of black salt, Himalayan black salt is the most common.
It’s a rock salt that comes from the salt mines of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and other locations in the Himalayas.
Black salt is a rock salt from the Himalayas. It’s dark pink and believed to have therapeutic properties.Ayurvedic healers claim that Himalayan black salt has therapeutic qualities. However, it’s debatable whether these claims are rooted in solid research.
Advantages of Black Salt:-May contain more minerals. Claims suggest that Himalayan black salt contains more minerals than regular table salt. However, there is limited research on the differences between these two salts.
May improve digestion. It’s believed that black salt may help improve digestion, provide laxative effects, and relieve gas and bloating. However, research is needed to support these claims.
May enhance skin and hair. Due to its mineral content, black salt may improve skin and hair health. Yet once again, there is minimal research to support these claims.

More Detail

  •  Black salt is a great natural alternative to regular table salt, especially if you want to try an Indian or Asian recipe that calls for it.

    With its unique flavor profile, it can enhance the flavor of many dishes.

    However, it isn’t likely that you’ll experience any miraculous healing benefits that you may read about online.

    No studies have compared the health effects of black salt and regular table salt. Overall, more research is needed.