Kidney bean or rajma is a must-have legume that is widely used in various traditional dishes in India and abroad. It takes its name from appearance and resemblance to colour of kidneys.
These nourishing legumes are procured from the herbaceous plant, scientifically termed Phaseolus vulgaris. Although native to Mexico and Central America, different varieties of these beans are extensively cultivated across the world, including in India. While the customary North Indian rajma curry recipe is prepared from the red coloured beans, these pods are also present in white, cream, black, purple and spotted variants.

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    Regulates Blood Sugar

    Rajma is an excellent legume that helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels as it is a good source of soluble fibre and low on the glycemic index. 

    Heart Healthy

    The goodness of fibre in rajma is beneficial in lowering the risk of heart disease.

    Prevents Cancer

    Rajma is loaded with whopping amounts of antioxidants that help in battle cancer.

    Sustains Weight Loss

    The abundance of soluble fibre and protein in rajma is one of the best legumes to be added in a weight loss meal plan.

    Strengthens Bones

    Rajma is filled up with essential minerals, calcium and magnesium that help in strengthening bones and prevents osteoporosis.