Arhar / Tuar Daal

Arhar / Tuar Daal

 Toor dal or arhar dal is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates and fibre. This humble pulse facilitates to meet your daily demands of iron and calcium. Besides these, toor dal is an incredible source of folic acids which is essential for fetal growth and prevents the birth defects of the new-born

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    Power-Packed With Protein

    Toor dal is an abundant source of good quality protein, which is a building block of the body and promotes growth and overall well-being.

    Good Source of Folic Acid

    Toor dal is blessed with vast reserves of folic acid that holds a key role in pregnancy for the normal development of the baby. 

    Loaded With B Vitamins

    Toor dal is packed with huge volumes of B complex vitamins that are vital for the normal metabolic process.

    Boosts Iron Reserves

    Poor haemoglobin levels can cause fatigue, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, hair loss and if left untreated, it would lead to other serious complications.